Links for 2008-12-06 []

  • was designed to accommodate the real-time microblogging community. We provide analytic reports and indexing features to allow users to track what’s happening now. Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets. They’re like tags on Flickr, only added inline to your post. You create a hashtag simply by prefixing a word with a hash symbol: #hashtag.
  • follows tweets (messages) that have embedded tags that start with a # character. These are sometimes called hashtags but we like to use the term twemes. Through the use of twemes, we can all view what people are talking about across the whole Twitter universe. In some sense, this can be thought of as an adhoc chatroom. We also pull in recent public photos from Flickr and public bookmarks from
  • Twitscoop was built to help you stay on top of twitter’s hot topics or discussions. Through an automated algorithm, twitscoop crawls hundreds of tweets every minute and extracts the words which are mentionned more often than usual. The result is displayed in a Tag Cloud, using the following rule: the hotter, the bigger (no joke here).
  • real time, live twitter monitor | free live twitter embed widget
  • Welcome to the Twitter Fan Wiki–We’ve set this up as a place to post cool ideas, uses and feature requests for Twitter. Share anything you’ve found that you think the Twitter community might be interested in!
  • In the innovative world of Microblogging, one site aims to organize it all. Tweet Scan searches Twitter, and other Laconica-based sites with more being added all the time. You can search public messages and user profiles with results available via email, RSS, JSON, and Twhirl.

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