A-Twitter at Last

I’ve been hearing about Twitter for quite some time, but I didn’t understand the attraction.  I finally joined earlier this week, as eclark131, and I’m afraid I still don’t understand the attraction.  We’ll see how long it takes me to get tired of it.

Video:  “Twitter in Plain English

I’m using twitterfeed.com to automatically post tweets about my blog posts.

Video:  “Twitter Feed [11/28/08]

I also ran across Twitter Grader, which allows you to score your profile.  I know my score is very low, so I’m not too interested in that. 

However, TwitSnip seems useful.  With a bookmarklet in your browser’s Favorites menu, you can post quotes from websites and the URLs to your Twitter account.  I’ve tried it a couple of times.  It seems to work fairly well, though I had to keep the tweets shorter than the 140 characters it showed.

The other day one of my students mentioned haiku, and it occurred to me that it would be possible to write a haiku in 140 characters or fewer.  I even came up with a clever name for the poems:  twaiku.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t the first.

I also wasn’t the first one to think of calling poetry of any kind that fits in a Twitter tweet poetweet.  I found several sites with the word poetwy, but I don’t know if they were using it in relation to poetry in Twitter.

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