I learned about a new metacrawler, Viewzi, which is still in beta testing.  After you input your search terms and click on “Search,” you see a row of icons that you can scroll through to select different views and databases for your search:

  • Web Screenshot View (searches Yahoo)
  • Simple Text View (searches Alexa Rankings, Google, Yahoo)
  • Power Grid View (searches Google, Yahoo)
  • Google Timeline View (searches Google Timeline)
  • Site Information View (searches Alexa Rankings, Delicious, Google, Summize)
  • Photo Tag Cloud (searches Flickr)
  • Photo View (searches Flickr, Smugmug)
  • Video x3 View (searches BlinkX, Veoh, YouTube)
  • 4 Sources View (searches Ask, Google, MSN, Yahoo)
  • Viewzi News View (searches CNN, Google Images, Newsvine, Reuters Articles, . . .)
  • Weather View (searches Accuweather Radar, Weather, Weather Description, . . .)
  • Amazon Book View (searches Amazon Book Search, Amazon Item, Amazon Purchase)
  • Everyday Shopping View (searches Amazon Product Search, Ebay, Target, Wal-Mart)
  • Album View (searches Amazon Music Search, LastFM Album, . . .)
  • Recipe View (searches 101 Cookbooks Recipes, 101 Cookbooks Search, . . .)
  • Celebrity Photo View (searches CeleBuzz Photos, Just Jared)
  • Song View (searches Amazon mp3, Mooza MP3, MP3 Realm, SeeqPod)
  • TechCrunch View (searches CrunchBase, TechCrunch, TC by Date, TC Posts Info, . . .)

The only thing that seems to be missing is a Blog View.  I think the biggest problem using it will be having to choose among all the views.

Since I found YouTube videos about Viewzi, I didn’t bother taking an screenshots.

Viewzi 101 – Visual Search Engine Explained

How to use Viewzi

Viewzi: Will it change the way we search the internet?

Viewzi Demo – Best Metasearch engine around

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