IT 5660 Unit 7 Blog Entry

During Unit 6 (Sept. 21 – Sept. 27), we were supposed to

  • write a blog entry
  • read Chapter 4 in E-Learning by Design by William Horton and an article about formative evaluation
  • explore and post in Delicious
  • continue working on our team’s webinar proposal
  • participate in a discussion about Chapter 3 of Horton’s book
  • post the URL of a favorite YouTube video
  • complete the reflective survey

My “aha” moment actually came the week before on Sept. 17 at a social gathering for Red Rocks English faculty.  I mentioned to some of the other adjunct faculty that I’m requiring students in my ENG 122 classes (and ENG 1020 at Metro) to create Delicious accounts to keep track of the websites they find in the course of their research this semester.  None of the three instructors I was talking to had heard of Delicious.  This would be a good subject for a professional development session.

I’ve had a Delicious account since Nov. 19, 2006, and as of today, I have 1414 bookmarks.  I probably spend too much time with it, but, it’s proved invaluable to me in keeping track of sites I want to use for my classes and my own professional development.  (As I’ve written before, though, I’m not thrilled with the recent changes.)  This semester I created a wiki where I’m collecting research-related resources and having students write reviews of search engines, metacrawlers, and directories.  I couldn’t have done it without the bookmarks I’d saved on Delicious.

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