IT 5660 Blog Entries

This fall I’m retaking IT 5660 through the University of Colorado at Denver.  I originally took the class two years ago and got an A in it.  At the time, the name of the class was Developing Educational Websites; now it’s called Designing and Teaching in eLearning Environments.  IT 5660 is the first class in CU-Denver’s certificate program in Designing eLearning Environments and its master’s program in eLearning Design and Implementation.

After completing IT 5660 two years ago, I decided to withdraw from the program.  Now I want to finish it to increase my employability and, hopefully, my income.  I’m currently trying to decide whether or not to apply to the master’s program.

For the class, I have to make weeily blog entries starting this week to reflect on the lessons I learned in the previous unit.

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