ENGL 112 Research Journals (Blogs)

I still think that using blogs as research journals in a freshman-level research/writing class is a good idea.  I probably need to do more to convince my students of the usefulness of keeping a research journal.  For my online ENGL 112 class for Mesa State College, I thought having the students read the section in the textbook about research journals would be sufficient.  I probably should make the assignments more specific, too, and include assignments for reading and commenting on other blogs, both their classmates’ and others’.

A couple of students did have positive comments about using the blogs:

  • “The ‘blog’ site was an excellent tool also, I liked going to my classmates ‘blogs’ and seeing what and how there research was going. I never used a ‘blog’ site before so it was frustrating at first, with time it became easier.”
  • “The blog for instance helped me to organize my thoughts and go back and see some examples of what I previously was thinking of doing so that I could go back and use them.”

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