Searchme is a new search engine currently in a public beta stage.  According to the About page,

Searchme lets you see what you’re searching for.  As you start typing, categories appear that relate to your query.  Choose a category, and you’ll see pictures of web pages that answer your search.  You can review these pages quickly to find just the information you’re looking for, before you click through.

Here is the home page in the day and night themes:

Searchme Home Page Day ThemeSearchme Home Page Night Theme

When I typed in “crop circles,” before I even hit Enter, the following categories appeared below the input box:  ufos, astronomy, nonfiction, music, dvds, jewelry, online forums, and blogs.  There is also an option for searching all the categories.

Searchme Home Page with Keywords and Search Categories

Instead of a list of websites, you get pictures of the pages.  If you move your cursor over one of the pictures, information about the page pops up, and your search terms are highlighted.  You can use the scroll bar at the bottom of the page or the wheel on your mouse to move through the pages.

Searchme Results Page Visual

If you click on the arrow in the box at the bottom center, a list of the site will also appear.  You can move through the list using the scroll bar at the right.

Searchme Results Page Visual and Text

I think Searchme has a lot of promise.

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  1. Searchme is a really cool site.

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    (coverflow + www = Flowww)

    They don’t do search, instead, it is a way to consume tech news.