ENGL 112 Week 6 Research Journal (Blog)

Here is the assignment for Week 6:

Research Journal 

Create one journal entry discussing what search engines or other tools you regularly use to do internet research, why you use those particular tools, and what you like and dislike about them.

Continue recording any searches you do in your research journal. Include the following information:

  • Resource searched
  • Keywords and search strings used
  • Date
  • Hits
  • Relevance (scale of 1 to 5)

Record any progress you’ve made on your field research, as well as anything else you’ve done in researching your topic.

Tag the entries appropriately. (Please use “ENGL 112” as a tag for all your blog posts.)

In addition, the students were also reviewing internet research tools:

Internet Research Project 

For this project, you will be reviewing one search engine, metacrawler, or web directory.

Watch the presentation on internet research here, here, or here.

Join the class wiki. (I’d recommend bookmarking the site.) You should have received an invitation from me at the e-mail address you used to send the assigned message the first week of class. Please use your first name and last initial with capitals as your username like this: FirstL. You’ll need to choose a password and provide your e-mail address, which I would recommend not displaying, and your first and last names, which are not displayed. Don’t bother completing the profile.

On the Internet Research page in the wiki, check the table to see whether you’ve been assigned a search engine, metacrawler, or web directory for the internet research project. You may click on the link in the header for the column with your name or use the Navigation bar on the left to go to the page for the research tool you’ve been assigned. On that page, you will see a table with your name in the first column (Reviewer), a link to the research tool you’ve been assigned in the second column, and a link to the page in the wiki where you will write (or upload) a review of the tool you’ve been assigned.

Read some of the search engine reviews at Search Engine Showdown. Explore the search engine, metacrawler, or web directory you’ve been assigned to review, including any advanced search and help functions. Write a review of the research tool you’ve been assigned on the appropriate page in the wiki. Follow the examples at Search Engine Showdown as closely as is possible and appropriate for the tool you’re reviewing, focusing on strength, weaknesses, advanced functions, and operators supported (search engine math and Boolean). Your review will probably not be as long as Notess’s because he has access to information that you don’t. (Please note that his reviews are more than a year old, so yours will not be the same even if you are reviewing the same search engine.)

Your review will help you and your classmates learn about and use new research tools.

To write your review, click on the Easy Edit button at the top of the page and use the formatting functions as you would in a word processing program. You don’t have to insert tables, images, or widgets, so don’t worry about those functions if you’re not comfortable with them.

Please don’t make changes to any pages except the one created for your review. If you do make a mistake or delete something you didn’t want to, it can be restored, so don’t worry.

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