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Proposals for 5C’s Conference

I submitted two proposals for this year’s 5C’s Conference (Colorado Community College Conference on Composition):


Title:  Weblogs and Bookmarks and Feeds—Oh, My!

Abstract: What is Web 2.0? For that matter, what was Web 1.0?  Will there be a Web 3.0? What are weblogs, social bookmarking, RSS feeds, and wikis? Where can I create, find, or use them? What options are available? Which ones are best? How much do they cost? Are they hard to use? Learn the answers to these questions and more along with ideas for using these tools in teaching research.


Title: Beyond Google: Oodles of Internet Search Tools

Abstract: How many of our students start a research project with Google—and end it there? In this session, we’ll explore other search engines, metacrawlers, and web directories, as well as tools to find invisible web content, blogs, wikis, web rings, listservs and groups, and message boards and forums. I’ll share an activity you can use with your students to evaluate different search tools, and we’ll talk about how to keep up to date with the latest in internet research.

I hope one of them is accepted.

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