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ENGL 112 Week 5 Research Journal (Blog)

This week my students are supposed to search for periodical articles in different databases and record their searches in their research journals.  They should also be commenting in each others’ blogs.

Periodical Articles

Using any of the following databases, identify periodical articles from newspapers, magazines, or scholarly journals on your topic:

* You will be asked to enter your name and 408 library card number from the bottom of your MavCard. The first time you use your library card number, you will need to complete a patron update form. I recommend Academic Search Premier unless you find a database specific to your topic. For any of the EBSCO databases, including Academic Search Premier, you can use full Boolean search strings. Check the help section for details on what operators may be used and how they work.

Keep electronic copies of the articles you want to read. Some databases, like EBSCO, allow you to e-mail copies of the articles to yourself. Of course, you may also print them out to read.

Also browse the periodical section of the college and local public libraries. If you can’t check out the issues of the periodical, you will probably want to photocopy any useful articles you find.

In your research journal (blog), record the following information for each periodical article you find that you want to use:

  • Name(s) of author(s)
  • Title of article
  • Title of periodical
  • Volume and issue number (if available)
  • Date
  • Pages on which article appears

If you identify any electronic articles that would be useful, you also need to record the database or website where you accessed it, the library from which database was accessed (if applicable), the date you accessed it, and the web address for the subscription database or the article itself.

If you have trouble using the Tomlinson Library Online Databases, please contact the library.

Tag the entries in your research journal appropriately. (Please use “ENGL 112” as a tag for all your blog posts.)

Research Journal

Continue recording any searches you do in your research journal. Include the following information:

  • Resource searched
  • Keywords and search strings used
  • Date
  • Hits
  • Relevance (scale of 1 to 5)

Tag the entries appropriately. (Please use “ENGL 112” as a tag for all your blog posts.)


Select one of your classmates’ blogs from my Bloglines account and post a comment in response to one of his or her entries. (Please do not post in a classmate’s blog where you’ve commented previously, and try to select someone who hasn’t had a comment yet this week.) If you post anonymously (without logging in to Blogger or WordPress), please include at least your first name at the end of your comment. Also, please make sure that your comment is positive and substantive.

Next week they’ll be completing a project using a wiki.  More on that later.

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