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ENGL 112 Week 4 Research Journal (Blog)

HereĀ are my students’ research journal assignments for this week:


Using any of the following libraries, identify books on or related to your topic (You may need to broaden your search some.):

You may request books from other libraries through Prospector using your Mesa State library card number. You may also use your local public library, which you can search through the Colorado Virtual Library, or any bookstore.

In your research journal (blog), record the following information for each book you find that you want to use:

  • Name(s) of author(s), editor(s), translator(s), and/or compiler(s)
  • Title and subtitle of the book
  • Edition number or information
  • Number(s) of volume used
  • Name of series
  • Place of publication (include state if needed)
  • Name of publisher
  • Date of publication (copyright)

If you identify any electronic books that would be useful, you also need to record the web address, the site where you accessed it, and the date you accessed it.

If you have trouble with your research, in addition to the librarians at Mesa State, you may use the following services:

If you do request assistance from a librarian, either in person or online, please record the incident in your research journal.

Once you have identified books that you want to read, go ahead and check them out, put them on hold, or purchase them. (The last option is entirely up to you.)

Tag the entries in your research journal appropriately. (Please use “ENGL 112” as a tag for all your blog posts.)

Research Journal

In your research journal (blog), create a post describing your plan for doing field research on your topic.

Read “Record Searches.” Follow the instructions provided for recording your searches over the next few weeks in your journal. You don’t need to use the table format provided, but you should include all of that information.

Tag the entries appropriately. (Please use “ENGL 112” as a tag for all your blog posts.)


Select one of your classmates’ blogs from my Bloglines account and post a comment in response to one of his or her entries. (Please do not post in the same person’s blog as you did last week, and try to select someone who hasn’t had a comment yet this week.) If you post anonymously (without logging in to Blogger or WordPress), please include at least your first name at the end of your comment. Also, please make sure that your comment is positive and substantive.

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