ENGL 112 Week 3 Research Journal (Blog)

This coming week, my students have three assignments for their research journals:


Read “Internet Search Tips and Strategies” and “Use My Research Question To Generate Search Terms.”

Generate a list of keywords related to your research topic. Use the following resources, or any others you’re familiar with, to identify related and synonymous terms:

Be sure you note any related terms that you come across as you do your research, so you can add them to your list.

In your research journal (blog), post the list of keywords you’ve generated, clustering synonymous or related terms together, along with the ladder of generalization you’ve created. Write a paragraph explaining the process you followed and resources you used to complete the assignment. Tag the entry appropriately. (Please use “ENGL 112” as a tag for all your blog posts.)

Bookmark any of the websites you used that you might want to reference again. Tag them appropriately.

Research Journal

In your research journal (blog), create a post discussing how you will narrow your topic in response to suggestions you received in the Week 2 Discussion. Tag the entry appropriately. (Please use “ENGL 112” as a tag for all your blog posts.)


Watch “RSS in Plain English.”

I have subscribed to RSS feeds for your blogs and del.icio.us bookmarks using Bloglines. If you go to my Bloglines for the class, you can read your and your classmates’ blogs and bookmarks. (I’d recommend that you bookmark the Bloglines page.)

Click on the plus sign in front of the ENGL 112 Blogs folder in the lefthand frame. When you click on the name of one of the blogs, you will see the latest posts submitted. Clicking on the title of the blog (in large black letters at the top of the righthand frame) will take you to that blog. Clicking on the title of the post (in blue letters and underlined at the beginning of each post) will take you to that particular post.

Select one of your classmates’ blogs and post a comment in response to one of his or her entries. (The link for posting a comment is at the end of each entry. On the main blog page in Blogger, the link will say “# comments”–where “#” is the number of comments posted.) If you post anonymously (without logging in to Blogger or WordPress), please include at least your first name at the end of your comment. Also, please make sure that your comment is positive and substantive.

You’re also welcome to explore the RSS feeds of professional sources that I read daily.

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