Video: “Virtual Social Worlds and the Future of Learning”

Seven Sensibilities:

  • The Sense of Self
  • The Death of Distance
  • The Power of Presence
  • The Sense of Space
  • The Capability to Co-Create
  • The Prevasiveness of Practice
  • The Enrichment of Experience

Thanks to Topher Zwiers for pointing to this video.

2 responses to “Video: “Virtual Social Worlds and the Future of Learning”

  1. I have never explored or even read about second life only heard about it from some folks in our class. I am truely in awe of the capabilites second life has to offer. I wonder when or where I will have the time to explore it more. I wonder how it could be used in a middle school setting? I also liked watching the video on the limitations of SL. I will have to view your Trends presentation in full. Thanks for posting these You Tubes, they were very informative

  2. I was a member of the group that did the presentation on Second Life. To access the main grid in Second Life, a person has to be at least 18. There is a teen grid for 13- to 17-year-olds, but access by adult teachers is limited there.

    There are a lot of other virtual worlds, so you might be able to find one that you could use. I’d suggest using a search engine to look for “virtual worlds list” or something like that.